Meet The Team


We are here to help.  We meet you when and where it's convenient for you.  We simplify the entire process making sure you are always informed and up to date. We remove the need for you to research options alone.  The document filing, the time pressures and organization are all managed by us.  We ensure your application is always being improved and perfected using our experience to provide appropriate supporting documents.  It all starts with you understanding your options..... 

Jason Cayer, RCIC


Vancouver: 604-484-9438 | Fraser Valley: 604-316-8021

I began working for Citizenship and Immigration Canada in 2002.  As an Immigration Officer, I quickly came to understand how changes in laws, regulations, policy and practice impact people in deep, complex ways.  I have the experience and insight to make sense of your options.  Let me explain those options to you in ways you can understand.  Let me help secure your visa for Canada, your work permit or your study permit.  I will work to ensure you have the best chance of success.


Vancouver: 604-484-9438 | Fraser Valley: 604-316-8021

Deborah Araujo

Real Estate Advisor

Deborah has been living in the Vancouver area for the past 15 years.  She has developed extensive knowledge of the market and worked in the Real Estate field for more than 6 years.  Her background in finance along with fewr superior knowledge of the local markets make her a single point of contact for your personal, professional and business needs.  Her success is achieved through dedication to her cleints that provides a foundation for long-lasting relationships.


Vancouver: 604-484-9438 | Fraser Valley: 604-316-8021

Elsa Redlac

Liason, Phillipines

Elsa specializes in dealing with our clients from the Phillippines.  She was born in _________ and speaks Tagalog and English.  She has been a permanent resident of Canada since 2001 and will ensure your immigration goals are addressed.


Vancouver: 604-484-9438 | Fraser Valley: 604-316-8021


Sheila Cayer

Registered Public Health Nurse

Sheila has been a regisered public health nurse in British Columbia for the past 21 years.  Her extensive and wide-ranging experience serves all of our clients who need information on accessing the health care system.  She assists in providing oprions and contact information on available resources throughout the region.

Jane Smith

Liason, Latin America

O: 123-456-7890 | M:123-456-7890

F: 123-456-7890

Jane specializes in assisting our clients from the Mexico and Latin America.  She was born in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish.  Having gone through Canada's immigration process herself, she can provide insight and help whenever needed.